In the spirit of innovation and improvement – which is the basis of pretty much everything we do here at STARS. Well, not ‘bakery’ in the sense that you would imagine, but the artisan bread-making part of our business has grown so much.

Our three full-time professional artisan bakers now have their own space below the restaurant – in which to create sourdough magic.

This space means it gives us the freedom to experiment with different breads.

Currently the bakery is producing Ciabatta and range of sourdough breads, including wholewheat and 50% Rye for the restaurant and sale to the public. And, we are also baking small Ciabattas, especially for lunch-box sized sandwiches and we will soon have baguettes. The hamburger buns and pita breads? Also made in-house.

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But what makes these breads special? All our breads are made from specially sourced stone ground flour and the baking process can take up to 48 hours. It is this process and our natural ingredients which sets our breads apart from, say, what you would buy mass market.

Preparation involves a lot of folding and stretching of the dough, as well as plenty of carefully calculated resting times in-between. All before we bake it. Also, we use live-cultured yeast and there are absolutely no chemicals added to make it rise faster or last longer, which obviously makes it much healthier.