That’s right, the coffee you enjoy in the restaurant can now be brewed at home!

There has been (or should that be ‘bean’) an amazingly growth in the coffee culture of Mossel Bay over the past two-odd years. In fact, this growth epitomises what is perhaps happening throughout South Africa in terms of coffee (and its culture) gaining prominence within small(er) towns and holiday destinations.

We’re very proud to be a part of this growth and to be riding the wave, so to speak…As you know, we purchased a small roaster to roast for use in the coffee shop about two years ago. However, we are now ready to take it to the next level.

For us it started about in-the-cup (not selling by the bag) and the roaster was the best play to innovate in that regard. But now, the logical next step is to start selling by the bag. We feel we are ready to really push our bean sales. 

We have learned a lot of our practical roasting skills from Baruch (thank you sir), but now with some two years of on-the-job ‘training’ we’ve fine-tuned our roasting craft and have perfected various blends.

The Star Dust is our house coffee, this is a blend of four beans, Brazil, Columbia, Guatamala and Rwanda. The volumes per origin we keep as our secret recipe, but all you need to know is that they are not equal. But ‘equal’ – if you know what we mean… A blend is a sum of its parts. This is the blend we use for all our cappuccinos and filter coffees in the restaurant. You can buy the bags in 1kg, 250g or 500g bags.

In addition, it is also possible to purchase single origin bags, or a variety of blends, which change as stock levels fluctuate. A very popular blend is the Morning Star, which is a light roast. It is made on the same recipe as Star Dust, only roasted lighter. The South American blend is also a winner, made up of Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala.